Nomination Process

The Elinor Ostrom Award will award work already done, for Scholars as well as for Practitioners.

The nomination process will be divided into two phases: the pre-screening process and the assessment process.

The submission of nominations is currently closed.

For practitioners:
  • Nomination letter (Please find it here)
  • Proof of the existence of the community, individual or group (preferably a legal document which acknowledges the existence of the practitioner)
  • Two recommendation letters by academics, local communities or local, regional, national or international governmental or non-governmental organizations, which are external to the nominated practitioner and which have worked with them in areas relevant to the Award
For academics (both young and senior):
  • Nomination letter (Please find it here)
  • Two recommendation letters by academics or by commons-users or practitioners

The assessment process will occur after the pre-screening process. Nominators will be directly informed of the relevant deadlines and documents to be submitted once the pre-screening process is over.

The final selection of winners will be made by the Award Council among the candidates with the highest evaluation scores (avoiding conflict of interest). The final decision will be irrefutable.

Third Award Ceremony

The Elinor Ostrom Award Council will decide the venue of the Third Edition of the Elinor Ostrom Award presentation, which will occur in 2017.